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updated: 3-9-99
This page should allow you to keep up to date with what I am doing. Just check back often for new info.

Added a parts 15-27 to archive and new "Part Status" page Weekly Goal
finish assembly

Newest downloads Description
* 3-09-99 snj0015.dwg 3D file
* 3-09-99 snj0016.dwg 3D file
* 3-09-99 snj0016_prob.dwg the dimensioning problem is in green (update)
* 3-09-99 snj0017.dwg 3D file
  2-04-99 Renderings of some of the new part files.  This is the only source for these files.
10-27-98 All of my images in high quality .bmp format
* = newest files

I have information on
Driver Shaft Assembly
Idle Shaft
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Driver Shaft assembly

Driver Shaft   Drive Shaft Case   Driver plate  Driver Assembly




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