Format of today's session

Choose a partner with whom you will work during this lab. Try to pick someone you think is at about your level with regard to programming and Maple experience. Pairs work better than trios.

You can either:

1. share one machine
(if so, make sure both partners have a copy of the completed worksheet before you leave today),

2. each work on your own machine
(if so, make sure you help each other and compare notes at each exercise).

We'll begin working through the document in whole-class format, stopping at the first in-class exercise. You will continue working through the document from there, working the exercises as they arise.

When you finish this worksheet, you will receive a special cover sheet (details at the end of the worksheet) and begin working on the post-lab exercises (separate document). Beginning the post-lab exercises is part of this lab. Work on the post-lab exercises by yourself or with someone else, your choice.

Let's begin with an outline of today's session.