Reminders regarding homework

As always:
--- Turn in one worksheet for the group.
--- But make sure all group members end up with an electronic copy of the worksheet (for their records).
--- Staple the worksheet to standard IFYCSEM cover sheets (one cover sheet for
each member of the group).
--- Print the worksheet 2-up.

Also, be sure to:
--- Put comments in, neatly organized.
At the very least, number and separate the problems.
Don't present giant laundry lists of Maple commands.
When you print your homework, make sure the top part that precedes the homework is "collapsed", so that you don't waste paper. .
--- Be sure the document you turn in is legible. If it's too faint to read, it's of no value.

Finally, an important reminder: When you sign the printout of any group assignment for me, pay close attention to the boxes you check and what they say. Good friends don't let friends remain ignorant!