If your fall quarter "base team" has been assigned, work today with one of your teammates (if only three of you are here today, work in a trio). Otherwise, find any partner.

You will continue to work with that partner on the homework. Decide NOW when you will meet to work on the homework problems. Throughout today's session, one of you types while the other proofreads; BOTH think! Switch typists at the halfway point.

You will do this homework assignment with a partner. Work through the execution regions in this worksheet, then do the homework (at the end).
(When you print your homework, make sure the top part that precedes the homework is "collapsed", so that you don't waste paper.)

The homework is due Tuesday in class in Block 2. Turn it in to your professor at the beginning of that session.

As always:
--- Turn in one worksheet for the group.
--- But make sure all group members end up with an electronic copy of the worksheet (for their records).
--- Staple the worksheet to standard IFYCSEM cover sheets (one cover sheet for
each member of the group).
--- Print the worksheet 2-up.